Anyway Cafe and Pravda

Russia may be cold, but these two Soviet spots could help you turn up the heat.


Pravda Photograph: David Rosenzweig

1. Dinner

If Doctor Zhivago taught us anything, it’s that fur hats are sexy and that Russians take their romance seriously. So start the night off in czarist fashion at the Russian-French Anyway Café by splitting a Romanoff salad with vodka-cream caviar dressing ($9), then support the proletariat by sharing some Russian peasant-style beef ($13). Babushkas optional. 34 E 2nd St at Second Ave (212-533-3412,

2. Movie

In Soviet Russia, movies watch you! Catch Pravda’s free ’20s and ’30s Russian- cinema series Sundays at 8pm with a vodka-and-lemon Leninade ($24 for two) in hand. Popcorn is for capitalist pigs—nosh on the complimentary homemade potato chips and caviar dip. 281 Lafayette St between Jersey and Prince Sts (212-226-4944,

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