Beyond Craigslist: Digital resources

Use these online options for couples, gay guys and spouses to find very real experiences.

iVoyeur (
This social-networking service is for young urban couples who want to open up their relationships but might be scared away by the thong-popping hoochies of other polyamory sites. IVoveur is based in New York, where approximately 1,000 of its 10,000 members, mostly in their late twenties to midforties, are located. The site's founders are particularly interested in making women feel comfortable: "It's the male who may initialize opening the relationship, but it's the female who dictates how far it goes," says the company's head of marketing and strategy, who uses the pseudonym Nick Michel. Profiles are designed to coax out users' fantasies and kinks, whether that's a couple wanting a partner swap, or a husband who wonders what it's like to be with another man. Free.

Blendr (
Better known as the pansexual version of Grindr (the deviously simple mobile dating app that became a smash with gays in 2009), this application shows you pictures of people in your immediate vicinity, and allows you to search for those with similar interests and message folks directly. It's not explicitly a sex or dating app, but if the gay world is any guiding light, hookups are inevitable. Available for Apple iOS devices and Facebook; free.

Dudes Nude (
"The site is intended as a healthy celebration of the male form, so all members have to post at least a shirtless picture," explains owner Phil Anderson. Getting totally naked, however, is up to the user. But that's a choice many members happily make, attracting a large concentration of fit, friendly men. Unlike Grindr or Craigslist, Dudes Nude has an impressively nuanced search function, allowing you to view members by anything from their location to specific physical characteristics. Profiles offer such unblinking details as whether the gentleman is circumcised and if he practices safe sex. Free.

Ashley Madison (
Nicole (not her real name) had three kids and no spark with her husband. She checked out this dating site for cheating spouses, and two years and three long-term affairs later, she claims it saved her marriage. "I can get what I need from it," she says. While the site skews male, Nicole is part of a growing demographic of frustrated wives. It's free to browse the greater New York--area membership of 515,488, but men must pay for unlimited messaging and chats.

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