Five make-out party rules

Party promoters Gemini & Scorpio throw costume parties and vintage-costume shindigs, but their new wing, House of Scorpio, gets down and dirty. Hosted by Larisa Fuchs, it focuses on the sexy side of partying with Lip Service, a monthly make-out party. Fuchs shared some ground rules for joining the kissing club—make sure you mind your ps and qs at the next event on Thursday 22 (Madame X, 94 W Houston between LaGuardia Pl and Thompson St; 212-539-0808, RSVP at; 8pm--midnight; with R.S.V.P. $5, at the door $10).

1 Dress to kiss
“Costumes are highly encouraged,” says Fuchs. “Wouldn’t you love to make out with a unicorn or a pope?” She also says dress to be kissed, think fun but comfortable outfits. Fuchs adds that casual or business attire is banned at the door, “since cubicles and daily chores should be the furthest thing from your mind.”

2 Bring a friend
Lip Service acts on the PAL (Pervy Activity Liaison) system, which means you’re required to bring someone you trust. “All guests take responsibility to create a warm, open, sexy and comfortable atmosphere,” says Fuchs.

3 Keep your hands to yourself
Don’t touch people you don’t know without express consent. Fuchs says, “This is immediate cause to be ejected and even banned from all future events.”

4 Don’t be a creep
“There is a specific code of conduct all guests agree to beforehand,” says Fuchs, who insists partners state their boundaries, and not hover over people, stare or get too drunk.

5 Do share
Bring toys and games, which, Fuchs says, are great icebreakers. But, even though this is an R-rated romp, she says to leave the vibrators at home.—Linnea Covington

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