Have better sex

Come on, New York, you can do it. And your friends know how. We asked real New Yorkers-no sexperts, no porn stars, no freaky fetishists-about how to get over your insecurities and get off. They share their frustrations (not enough biting and hair-pulling), hang-ups (small penises) and pure joys (who needs fuck toys when you have missionary?). Read, learn and then please stop reading. This is New York-there's real sex to be had.

Nail file
We ogled some figures, crunched some numbers and found out how the deed truly goes down in NYC.

What’s the frequency?
For some people once is too often, for others too much is not enough. Whatever your preference, you’re not alone. Readers tell us when they’re having sex and why. Or why not.

A routine checkup
How do you keep sex interesting, armed only with skin and boners? Two BDSM enthusiasts—Morpheus and Kelly Walch—offer amateur advice.

New York v. sex life
NYC transplants weigh in on how the city has changed their shtupping.

One tiny little problem
From jiggly bellies to one-inch weens, we asked everyday New Yorkers how they learned to overcome their greatest sexual insecurities.

TONYPD in bed
Our in-house police officer infiltrates a couple’s bedroom to ticket their boinking blunders. And yes, that is a nightstick in her pocket.

The 2008 SEX poll
We learned, thanks to our readers online, that straight men are the gassiest. Spray some air freshener near the closest one and read on.

Boy in Babeland
Our intern-at-large Jonathan Shannon chats up Claire Cavanah—co-founder of the famous sex toy emporium.

Warning: Adult content
Send the kids away and lock the door. Watch TONY get hardcore (must be 21+ to enter).