Maria and Sarah

Known for:

Friendly yet reserved, she can read between the lines of lame come-ons—but after a long day of shushing unruly patrons, she prefers the strong, silent type anyway. Those who can get close to her know that beneath that buttoned-up collar, she’s a 900-plus on the Dewey Decimal System.

Patron saints:

Maria Falgoust and Sarah Murphy, librarians and founders of the Desk Set, a Williamsburg social event group for librarians. Find them at

A field guide of their natural habitats

Westsider Rare and Used Books

Librarians by day

Species example:
Katrina Denney, 26, library supervisor, the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. “Things I look for in a guy: Sense of humor, honesty and a nice ass. Every girl’s dream, right?”

* The library (various locations throughout the city; go to or for info)
* Westsider Rare and Used Books (2246 Broadway between 80th and 81st Sts; 212-362-0706,
* St. Marks Bookshop (31 Third Ave between 9th and 10th Sts; 212-260-7853,
* Cafe Charlie (9 E 40th St between Fifth and Madison Aves, 212-725-1420) “It’s an average deli with an above-average selection and it’s right near the midtown public library,” says Denney.


Librarians by night

Species example:
Sherri Liberman, 36, senior adult/reference librarian at NYPL’s Chatham Square branch. “Someone used to repeatedly call me at work and want to have dirty phone chat. He’d ask, 'Do you have any books on female orgasms?’ and then expect me to read all the titles to him.” That’s not what she’s looking for.

* Public (210 Elizabeth St between Prince and Spring Sts; 212-343-7011,
* Beekman Bar and Books(889 First Ave at 50th St;212-758-6600,
* Apothke (9 Doyers St at Bowery; 212-406-0400, “They have unusual drinks involving herbs,” says Liberman. “It was supposedly a former opium den.”
* Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand St between Leonard and Lorimer Sts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-218-8555,