Meet the Undateables: Kadie and Jon

These lovelorn New Yorkers swear they’re absolutely undateable. We pair them up to see if they’re right.

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The date: Dinner at French Louie

First impression
Kadie: "The first thing he said to me was, 'You’re normal! I totally thought I was getting punked.' He seemed so New York, very businesslike—and his accent!"
Jon: "She had a pretty strong 'mean' face on when she walked in, but once we got talking, I realized that’s just her 'don’t fuck with me' face."

Kadie: "Some first dates put up a wall and are standoffish, but he was funny and open. We high-fived something like five times. Every time we combined jokes, he’d get excited and high-five me!"
Jon: "Maybe it was nerves, but she talked about herself 90 percent of the time. Still, it was refreshing to meet a woman who had more to talk about than just TV and shoes."

On that whole mechanic thing
Kadie: "After graduating college, I couldn't find a job, so I worked as a car mechanic because it's the only place that would hire me. Normally guys don't like that because they feel emasculated, but Jon seemed very interested in learning about that. He said I made his hobbies seem boring."
Jon: "Her backstory is pretty interesting—she worked as a mechanic for a while. I've never gone on a date with someone who did anything hands-on for a living! In the beginning, she spent some time telling me how she doesn't like gendered roles. I thought she came off as a feminist, and I was like, uh-oh!"

Kadie: "He was worried about me taking the subway so late, so we shared a cab and exchanged numbers."
Jon: "I was a little shocked when the bill came, because she didn’t offer to chip in. I would have paid anyway, but she didn’t let me feel macho."

In three words
Kadie: Jon is "energetic, charismatic and trendy."
Jon: Kadie is "confident, funny and driven."

Kadie: "I would love to hang out, but I don’t know if dating’s the way it would go; I wouldn’t be devastated if it didn’t happen."
Jon: "I didn’t want to jump her bones, but I’d like to get to know her more. I’ve been on so many freaking dates—I want to feel that the other person is interested in me."

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