Meet the Undateables: Regina and Julia

These lovelorn New Yorkers swear they’re absolutely undateable. We pair them up to see if they’re right.

Photographs: Melissa Sinclair

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The date: Dinner at Bunker

First impression
Regina: "She’s a jeans-and-T-shirt person. Just regular, which isn’t a bad thing. The people I’ve dated spend a lot of time to look dapper and stylish. I thought she was cute, but not my type."
Julia: "She arrived on her bike, which was cool. I noticed her nose ring right away. I think she wanted to shake my hand but I’m a hugger, which was a bit awkward."

The conversation
Regina: "It was great to be with someone who was talking as fast and as much as me. She went right into conversation. It wasn't awkward or weird or anything. Some dates it's just hard to get the other person to talk."
Julia: "I told her about my background and we talked about life in Brooklyn in general. We also talked about biking, which is a commonality as well."

Regina: "I’ve been wanting to meet someone I never would’ve crossed paths with otherwise. She’s really outgoing, which I appreciate, but there was no chemistry. My first dates tend to be like job interviews—maybe after the second date we’ll flirt."
Julia:"We had a sober date, which was refreshing. The conversation was good and we could commiserate about why we’re both single—the lesbians of NYC tend to be pretty flaky, which is super frustrating."

Regina: "I walked her to the bus and she gave me her card. I belong to the Park Slope Food Coop, and I told her she could be my guest. I e-mailed her when I got home.'"
Julia: "It was a bit awkward. I kissed her on the cheek—I’m an affectionate person."

In three words
Regina: Julia is "fun, energetic and inquisitive"
Julia: Regina is "caring, quirky and charismatic."

Regina: "I wasn’t thinking, I can’t wait to see this person again. It takes me a while to warm up to someone, so I’d have to wait a while to make a move."
Julia: "We talked about going to some queer parties around Brooklyn. I’d see it more as a wingwoman situation. I might reach out on Facebook."

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