Naked poker ladies

We asked readers to pose nude, and these hot moms were all in.

From left: Linden, Williams, Chapman and Badonsky. Photograph: Greg Endries. Stylist: Jason Villaluz

When Stacey Linden and her social club of Washington Heights mothers saw TONY’s call for naked models, they were ready for their close-up. “This is a a perfect opportunity to show the world what we really have to offer,” Linden says. Linden and Aryn Chapman, a fellow WaHi Poker Mamma, were joined by MaryElizabeth Williams and Jessica Badonsky, two members of Inwood’s similar clan, the Moms Who Drink. The quartet chucked their skivvies, picked up their chips and posed to prove that “the MILF factor doesn’t only exist below 14th Street,” says Linden. But what will the children think? The daughter of one naked mom voiced her approval: “It’s okay, Mom; it’s just boobies.”

Date this mom: Stacey Linden

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