NYC sex 2011

We polled New Yorkers and found that they’re as frisky as ever. Plus, we’ve rounded up plenty of places to get your rocks off online and in person—even if you’re into unicorns. Edited by Jonathan Shannon

Hugh Dancy and Nina Arianda of Broadway's upcoming Venus in Fur

Hugh Dancy and Nina Arianda of Broadway's upcoming Venus in Fur Photograph: Alexander Wagner. Photographer's assistant: John Burke

  • Sex parties

    The mega swinger clubs are dead. These artsy sex parties are where the young people are.
  • BDSM

    Peek into this subculture with parties and groups for the novice.
  • Essential Burlesque Dance Series


    You could always do it better. Learn a thing or two about burlesque, blow jobs, bondage and more.
  • Joshua Tree

    Hookup bars

    Go on the prowl at these watering holes.
  • Sex poll

    Compare your attitudes and exploits against other TONY readers with our anonymous survey.
  • Sex poll 2011 results

    We tallied your answers to our online survey and 50 percent of you are cheaters! For shame!
  • Street survey

    What sexual activity have you done in New York that you wouldn’t have considered doing before you moved here?
  • Q&A: Nina Arianda and Hugh Dancy

    The stars of Broadway’s kinkiest show discuss onstage sex and BDSM clubs.
  • The 20 kinkiest moments on and Off Broadway

    We rate footlight fetishes.
  • Beyond Craigslist: Digital resources

    Use these online options for couples, gay guys and spouses to find very real experiences.
  • “Safer Sexting”

    Lux Alptraum, editor of sex blog Fleshbot, explains how to responsibly send sexts.