Philanthropic condoms land in NYC—and you can get them delivered in an hour

If you’re unprepared and about to get busy, L. Condoms will bring all-natural rubbers directly to your door within sixty minutes—and they’re for a good cause

L. Condoms

L. Condoms

In a city where you can get cigarettes, cat litter and Mission Cantina burritos delivered on demand, it’s surprisingly difficult to get premium condoms in a jiff. At least it was. Today, L. Condoms is launching a one-hour bike-messenger service, bringing 12-packs of sustainable rubbers ($15/pack, plus a $8 delivery fee) to Manhattanites 24/7. The service, which has been up and running in San Francisco and Los Angeles since Valentine's Day, will expand to the outer boroughs soon.

Getting your love gloves dropped off at home not only reduces your risk of disease, it lowers the odds of running into a coworker at Duane Reade. Plus, you’ll be doing good while doing the deed: For each condom purchased, another is distributed in HIV-stricken parts of Africa. "As a photojournalist, I was covering fires, tsunamis and earthquakes in developing countries for the Red Cross and the U.N.," says L. Condoms founder Talia Frenkel, who launched her line of all-natural contraceptives in 2011. "Then, I photographed the effects of HIV/AIDS. I was covering a completely preventable disaster, and that moved me."

One request, though—is there any way to get those delivery guys to pedal even faster? Sixty minutes is a long time to wait when you’re in the heat of the moment.

Watch L. Condoms' awesomely cute commercial, which reminds us how guys should feel about birth control (good guys, at least) with the tagline "Good men give a f--k."

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