Sex addiction in New York City

Does it really exist? We asked New Yorkers to give us their numbers.

In Shame, Michael Fassbender plays a young Manhattanite grappling with his sexual compulsions.

In Shame, Michael Fassbender plays a young Manhattanite grappling with his sexual compulsions.

Jonah, 35

His number: "30ish."

I was in the all-glass steam room of Hotel Grace for a party. On a whim I mooned my friend, pushing my butt cheeks against the glass. My friend and a girl started mooning me back. Then a girl standing next to me got inspired, ripped off her bikini and smooshed the front of her body against the glass. I helped push her into the glass thinking it was funny, then the excitement of our steamy bodies got me hard. She responded by moaning and leaning into me, putting my hand on her hip. I gripped it, bent her over a little and slid my cock in and out for a few seconds. It felt unreal. There were several people in the steam room, but they couldn't really see what was happening. She left shortly after, and I never saw her again. I don't even know what her face looked like.

I like what Kinsey said: "A sex addict is someone who has sex more than you." But if someone is having sex despite a deeper desire not to, yes, this person has a sex addiction. One of the tenets of morality is the drive to avoid harm. If you're tearing apart families/relationships, spreading STDs and treating people poorly, you should reconsider your actions. But if you're enjoying yourself with consenting adults on the same page, I don't see what the problem is.

Whitney, 24

Her number: Around 150.

There are people who are addicted to anything, but unfortunately people who simply really, really like sex get lumped into this category.

I meet people from OkCupid. It's kinda my thing. I've found that OkCupid is just the easiest way to hook up. I have a rotating number of guys going at any given time, guys I might never date or have much in common with, but these are guys who have beautiful why not? Doing this a few times a week adds up, and that is okay with me. I will say that as a woman, you can go to a bar and pretty much find a lay within an hour. You don't even have to dress all fancy: Just wear combat boots; it reminds dudes of Angelina Jolie in Hackers.

I've done the train hookup, I once had sex in a taxi. It was nice; the driver thanked us for spicing up his evening.

Lori, 22

Her number: 24

I finally did the whole meet-a-guy-on-the-subway-and-go-home-with-him thing! Is that a thing? I think it's a thing. It's definitely a dumb thing, but I'm lucky this guy turned out to be really cool.

And I think sex addiction is a real thing. People can be addicted to just about anything psychologically, and our brains produce chemicals when we have sex that are likely physically addictive for some people. That said, sex addiction is probably thrown around too casually as a means to excuse (or pathologize) non-normative behavior.

Vicky, 43

Her number: "In the hundreds, but I'm in my forties, and I've aged really, really well."

I identify as a pansexual femme top. Bottom line: I am the fucker, I don't get fucked. Once I was really drunk and picked up a hot blond (also drunk) at last call. I suggested we go to her place and she agreed. But then, once we were there and fooling around I remembered this huge dildo at my place I wanted to fuck her with, so we put on long coats with nothing underneath (I reiterate—we were really fucked up) and went to my apartment.

I had lost my keys, and the window was broken so we climbed up the fire escape. Later in the morning, I discovered she had stolen my keys and cash!

A person can be addicted to anything. I was once with someone who said he was a sex addict. He had it under control when I met him, but before he couldn't concentrate and it gave him a stutter. He went to a lot of therapy and said he found ways to distract himself, but still feels hypersexual. That's not a bad thing, though.

It's way more fun to be slutty in a city that is poised in the center of the world. There is such a diversity in NYC—in terms of aesthetics, culture, sexual preferences, gender variance—and diversity is fucking sexy.

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