Sex in public bathrooms

A frisky couple got it on in five local loos-then reported back on how it all went down.

  • Union Pool

  • Union Pool

  • Double Crown

  • Double Crown

  • Double Down Saloon

  • P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

  • Zablozki's

Union Pool

The speakeasy bathroom

Double Crown (316 Bowery between Bleecker and E Houston Sts; 212-254-0350,
The scene: Each of the six coed stalls in this classy cocktail joint are equipped with the basics, plus a chest of drawers, a chair, racy red lighting and plenty of room to get busy. But while it’s keenly outfitted and eat-off-the-floor clean, be warned: The doors are onionskin thin.
The risk factor: “There was no trouble getting in,” said Rebecca, 26, an administrative assistant and one half of our daring couple. But it wasn’t long before she and boyfriend Andy, 27, a writer and student, heard people griping. Rebecca exited the stall first, totally unscathed. But when Andy moved out, a stranger waiting in line called him a tramp.
Worth it? Yes, but go on a slow night.

The dive-bar bathroom

Double Down Saloon (14 Ave A between E Houston and 2nd Sts; 212-982-0543,
The scene: Stinky, dirty, loud and cheap, this isn’t a likely pick for a quickie. But use both locks and don’t get distracted by the graffiti, and you can fantasize that you’re going at it in a sleazy punk bar. You basically are.
The risk factor: The first time the couple attempted to use the coed bathroom, they chickened out after a bartender banged on the door. A few tequila shots later, they gave it another whirl. “Someone banged on the door again and the lock rattled,” said Rebecca. “It was kind of traumatic.” Andy laughed, “It was fun.”
Worth it? Are your names Sid and Nancy? No? Then don’t bother.

The highbrow bathroom

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (22--25 Jackson Ave at 46th Ave, Long Island City, Queens; 718-784-2084)
The scene: This museum used to be an elementary school, so most of the stalls are short and echoey. But that’s not what killed this couple’s boner—it was all the parents with children milling about.
The risk factor: Through the roof. The venue proved so dangerous, in fact, their every attempt at ugly-bumping was thwarted.
Worth it? Maybe if you like prison sex.

The date-spot bathroom

Zablozki’s (107 North 6th St between Berry St and Wythe Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-384-1903)
The scene: Skip the multi-urinal men’s room in this candelit pub and head straight for the ladies-only, single-stall locking bathroom. What the spacious commode lacks in decor it makes up for in comfort.
The risk factor: The bathroom is located to the side of the bar and past a roll-down garage door, so it’s easy to slip out undetected. But since there’s only one women’s room, you better act fast—this toilet is in high demand. “I’d be nervous to try anything during busy times,” said Rebecca.
Worth it? Only if the place is dead—and no primadonnas are around.

The rule-breaker bathroom

Union Pool (484 Union Ave at North 8th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718- 609-0484)
The scene: Because Union Pool posts explicit signs limiting one person per stall, it sounded delightfully challenging to our fornicating twosome. As it turned out, it was delightfully easy, too. “That sink shelf is pretty awesome,” mused Rebecca. “It also helped that there wasn’t a line of people yelling.”
The risk factor: Andy has been ejected from Union Pool before for his debaucherous behavior, so he was understandably nervous. But the couple scored for a half hour undisturbed, leading him to call this loo “the best one yet.”
Worth it? Yes, yes, oh God, yes!

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