Single scenes: Boat Basin Cafe

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The scene: Weather permitting, this Upper West Side outdoor drinkery (W 79th St at the Hudson River; 212-496-5542, attracts packs of young professionals and at-ease neighborhood locals who all have one thing in common: a determination to get wasted on cheap beers while enjoying breathtaking sunsets over the Hudson. The frenzy is from 6 to 8pm on weekends, when cliques of friends take over tables and wax nostalgic about everything from their collegiate antics to the Reagan administration, and clean-cut ladies aren’t bashful about flashing their new engagement rings. But for those who aren’t attached, the Boat Basin provides a casual environment in which prepsters can name-game each other to their hearts’ content. The dude you just met has a roommate who went to sailing camp with a guy who summers with your sister in Newport? That’s excellent. Might as well make out.—Tory Hoen

Percent single: 25%

Most common single type: Polo-wearing preps

Ease of mingling: People stick to their groups at first, but as the sun goes down, table hopping begins, beer stains appear on otherwise crisp button-downs, and reserved manners give way to drunken flirting. The large indoor-outdoor space provides plenty of nooks for getting rowdy.

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