Swapping spit

Two marathoners give us the rundown on what gets their blood flowing.

Photograph: Roxana Marroquin

Eileen Ryan (pictured left)
25, masters of social work graduate student

Laura Correa (pictured right)
31, corporate attornery

Any advice for people hoping to pick up a runner?
Laura: Most runners like to geek out: They’ll go on at length about the latest gadget they bought, the personal record they broke at their last race and other things that will be of absolutely no interest to most nonrunners. Feigning interest is the best way to deal with these moments, so nod, smile and make interested noises like “hmmm” or “wow.”
Eileen: You should start running too. Not only will it whip your body into shape, but you’ll literally be surrounded by dating prospects.

How can you look sexy when you’re covered in sweat?
Laura: I sweat a lot, but thankfully many people actually find a nice, sweaty sheen to be pretty sexy. So rather than worry about trying to look sexy while covered in sweat, I just seek out the sweat fetishists—or let them come to me.
Eileen: I’m not someone who looks good when shvitzing, but I have two tips: Make sure your clavicle is exposed—a shiny clavicle is always hot—and be sure to make eye contact.

Got any running outfit do’s and don’ts?
Laura: Unless you’re superfit, anything that shows your stomach is a huge mistake—that applies to all situations, even when you’re not running.
Eileen: Men, only wear short shorts if you’re European. Please remove your shirt if your chest is all Vaseliney. If you have a hat, please don’t let it be a colorful hat.

Which is more important in a potential partner: speed or technique?
Laura: Definitely technique. Speed may be an asset in running, but in other arenas it’s worthwhile to slow down and do things right.
Eileen: Speed will get you to the finish line first, but you’re bound to walk away with injuries.

Would you ever date a couch potato?
Laura: I have before and I don’t think I would do it again.
Eileen: No, I don’t do lazy. Stoners need not apply.

What if they were superhot?
Laura: That might change things.
Eileen: I’d wait for them to get even hotter as a result of working out and then move in for the kill.

Where are the hottest runners?
Laura: Central Park definitely has the best-looking runners. I run the whole loop so I can check everyone out.
Eileen: I’ve never belonged to a gym—I always run outside—but I have a habit of finding hot running men everywhere I go. I like running across the Williamsburg Bridge, where the runners have fauxhawks. If you’re looking for a hipster runner, go there.

Weirdest place you ever met someone you dated?
Laura: I hate to sound boring, but I’ve always met the people I’ve dated under fairly normal circumstances—at work, at school, in bars, etc.
Eileen: I’m not sure if you could say we dated exactly, but I met someone near the men’s room at the 79th Street Boat Basin. It was not that long ago; I hope he reads this and calls!

Catch Eileen and Laura at the NYC Half-Marathon on Sun, Jul 27 (for more information, go to nyrr.org).