Most stylish New Yorkers: New York fashion guide

Pick up a few style pointers and some awesome New York fashion tips from the city's fashion-forward, most stylish personalities!

Most stylish New Yorkers 2013: New York fashion guide

Emmy Wildwood, 28, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; president and owner of Tiger Blanket Records & Vintage Boutique and lead singer of rock group Velta

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Looking for some serious style inspiration? Time Out has rounded up the most stylish New Yorkers and local trendsetters. From store owners to celebrities, their aesthetics are as varied as their day jobs, showcasing the best of the New York fashion scene, with styles that are preppy, glamorous, edgy and everything in between. Scope out their eclectic looks, find out what excites them and discover their pick of the best shops in NYC.

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Street style showdown: Vote for the most stylish neighborhood

Four of our favorite fashion bloggers hit the streets on the Lower East Side, Upper West Side, Park Slope and Williamsburg to find out which area is the most stylish.

All of 2013's most stylish New Yorkers

Patricia Field

The iconic redheaded designer and stylist, incorporates flamboyant statement pieces and funky accessories into her everyday wardrobe.

Emmy Wildwood

The vintage store owner and singer shows off her glamorous rock & roll style.

Loriann Smoak

The Condor store owner dresses in a neutral color palette and uses statement accessories to make her outfits shine.

Bertrand Thomas

The Caudalie cofounder relies on interesting scarves and Parisian-boutique finds to create his très chic look.

Robert “Max” Twitty

Robert “Max” Twitty—the stylist, Gents Among Men fashion blogger and winner of our most-stylish-reader Instagram contest—is no stranger to slim cuts and wing tips.

Andrew Clancey

The British stylist and store owner has an affinity for English designers, dapper dressing and his Boston terrier named Monkey.


Rapper Stalley relies on limited-edition sneakers, bandannas and RRL garb in creating his streetwear-inflected Americana look.

Judson Harmon

The stylist and model, who is also the youngest store owner on our list, favors New York designers, androgynous dressing and avant-garde fashion.

Claire Distenfeld

The Fivestory owner gravitates toward lips, chain-link jewelry and artistic prints when creating her high-fashion looks.

Brian Mazza

The Windsor Custom cofounder shows how his made-to-measure suits can be dressed up or down.

Marc Williamson

The owner of JJ Hat Center and Pork Pie Hatters has a closet brimming with headwear, colorful socks and dashing coats.

Gaby Basora

The Tucker owner and designer has a penchant for funky footwear, mixing prints and whimsical accessories.

Luxor Tavella

The Paracelso store owner, who just celebrated her eclectic shop’s 40th birthday, appreciates unique designer duds layered with funky vintage finds.

Eloïse Simonet

The designer and Ale et Ange co-owner loves mixing vintage pieces with discounted name-brand threads.

Adele Berne and Mike Kuhle

The married Brooklynites and co-owners of Epaulet share a taste for luxe designer threads and vibrant pops of color.

Julius Debruhl Lewis

The owner of Julius Debruhl Lewis Design Studio Inc. is drawn to glamorous costume jewelry, vintage hats and Asian-inspired garb.

Jade Lai

The Creatures of Comfort owner elevates her neutral-hued garb by playing with texture and patterns.

Latoyia Monlyn-Mathieu

Latoyia Monlyn-Mathieu, the designer and event stylist behind Breuckelen + Honey, loves to accessorize her contemporary looks with turquoise and tortoiseshell jewelry.

Emergency Tiara

Pop singer Emergency Tiara combines vintage gems and designer brands to create her classic, everyday ensembles.

Fashion designer Ann Yee

Fashion designer Ann Yee proves she is one of the most stylish New Yorkers by artfully layering clothing and accessorizing with hats.

Kéla Walker

Kéla Walker, TV host and fashion blogger behind Kéla’s Kloset, favors pattern-matching, classic shifts and splurgeworthy shoes.

Felix Flores

Nothing is off-limits when it comes to singer Felix Flores’s eccentric outfits—including a mermaid tail.

Cyndi Lauper

Style icon Cyndi Lauper injects her bold personality into her eccentric ensembles, and we show you how to get her look.

Matthew Mazur

DJ Matthew Mazur expresses his bold personality through head-to-toe prints and pastel footwear.

Sandee Joseph

Plus-size fashion blogger Sandee Joseph demonstrates how style isn’t limited to the skinny with her bold, figure-flattering outfits.