32 local trendsetters

  • Paul Tate dePoo

    The set designer infuses New England traditionalism with a little Southern eccentricity.

  • Audrey Lea Curry

    The multitalented former Midwesterner adds a goth-glam edge to her big-city style.

  • Tziporah Salamon

    The image consultant approaches fashion as an art form, incorporating rare and vintage pieces into her wardrobe.

  • Yoni Goldberg

    The talent manager demonstrates his flair for vintage streetwear.

  • AntBoogie

    The hip-hop guru entertains us with his urban flavor.

  • Becka Diamond

    The rock & roll scenester displays her downtown style.

  • The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

    The blogging duo surround themselves with a sea of tribal prints and goth accessories.

  • Dana Leong

    The innovative musician's globe-spanning style is as cool and eclectic as his sounds.

  • Jessica Hart

    The Australian model and designer rocks a tough-luxe look.

  • Emma Brady

    The lawyer lets loose with wild patterns and costume jewelry.

  • Lauren Beene

    The laid-back fashion publicist combines hippie headbands with biker-chic jackets for a unique sartorial look.

  • Oh Land

    The Danish musician channels Edward Scissorhands, Bowie and Grace Coddington.

  • Marcus Samuelsson

    The bow-tie-loving chef culls inspiration from Bowie, Marc Jacobs and Sweden.

  • Lori Goldstein

    The nonconformist fashion-industry veteran shows off her quirky style.

  • Malcolm Harris

    The dynamic creative director's wardrobe is rife with dichotomies---just the way he likes it.

  • Kerin Rose

    The eyewear designer invents bedouin glam.

  • Mia Moretti

    The nightlife fixture has a penchant for tailored clothing and all things Moschino.

  • James Andrew

    The dapper interior-design whiz and style blogger models his gentlemanly duds.

  • Leandra Medine

    This fashionista doesn't care if she dresses to impress the boys---learn her man-repelling style secrets.

  • Gabi Gregg

    The fashion blogger and newly minted "Twitter jockey" proves that size doesn't affect style.

  • Fritz Karch

    The prints and patterns maven presents his best vintage ensembles.

  • Lizzy and Darlene Okpo

    The designer sisters model their eclectic, comfortable style.

  • Orlando Rene Palacios

    The haberdasher demonstrates his appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

  • Jazz St. Clair Robinson

    The '80s fanatic models his Fresh Prince--inspired duds.

  • Omar Alexander Figueroa

    The saucy stylist and designer sports attention-grabbing garb.

  • Tess Pare-Mayer

    The vintage-obsessed fashion blogger shows off her favorite outfits.

  • Michael and Rick Mast

    The chocolate-making siblings balance their practical aesthetics with fine craftsmanship.

  • Jasmin Rodriguez

    The avid vintage collector and vivacious fashionista shows off her Victorian-era style.

  • Kevin Fernandez

    The fashionable cobbler shows off a collection of worldly accessories and enviable footwear.