Bike helmets

Bicycle headgear cramping your style? Local bike-store owners help us find cool lids that will cradle your cranium.

Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

1. Bern Brentwood, $65, at MODSquad Cycles, 2119 Frederick Douglass Blvd (Eighth Ave) between 114th and 115th Sts (212-865-5050,

“It’s a good option for people who don’t want to look too bike geek--y. You can match it to your outfit if you’re riding to work or going on a date,” says MODSquad owner Oye Carr.

2. Uvex Sport Boss, $95, at Spin City Cycle, 110-50 Queens Blvd between 73rd Rd and Ascan Ave, Forest Hills, Queens (718-793-8850,

“Uvex helmets are really pretty and they’re made in Germany, where the safety standards are higher than ours,” says Spin City manager David Robles. “They also have a special design process that makes them really light; they have less material, but they’re just as safe.”

3. Azonic Surround Sound, $50, at Brands Cycle and Fitness, 1966 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh, L.I. (516-781-6100,

Thanks to audio input and surround sound, this one’s made for rocking out while you ride. “This helmet is popular because it has that skate style that people like, and it has speakers built in,” says Dan Sirota, owner of Brands Cycle and Fitness. “It’s designed to make it easier to hear what’s going on around you, while listening to your music.”

4. Bell Citi, $55, at NYC Bikes, 140 Havemeyer St between South 1st and 2nd Sts, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (917-668-5712,

“This avoids the bug look that most bike helmets provide,” says Will Wood, owner of NYC Bikes. “It has the rounded shape of a skate helmet, or maybe an old-school European scooter lid, and provides the lightweight and air-flow qualities that make helmets bearable.”

5. Bell Faction, $44, at NYC Velo, 64 Second Ave between E 3rd and 4th Sts (212-253-7771,

“This one is a little more casual than some of the other options out there,” says NYC Velo proprietor Andrew Crooks. “It’s attractive to people who aren’t really sure they want to rock the Lycra and the aerodynamic helmet, and it also has graphics that are different from what you typically see on a bike helmet.”

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