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Whitie Tighties

About the line: Designers Vaso Mitrou and Troy Sayakumane are so in sync, they finish each other's sentences. "We can't work individually [anymore]," says Sayakumane. Mitrou interrupts, "It's become a handicap. We work on our own stuff and then switch." The duo's line of men's and women's undies is silk-screened with hand-drawn and computer-generated images of grenades, flamingos and skylines. Tees, hoodies and totes boast similar grab-bag imagery, including a giraffe standing atop a car, with a man parachuting through the background. "That's about the animal world revolting against the machine world," says Sayakumane. "I like creating a world that's a bit corny, but would also be fun to live in."

Buy it here: Shop online at; enter code "TONY" to receive 20 percent off all spring products through May 31.

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