DIY bracelet

Alex Lockwood, paper-folder extraordinaire, shows us how to make a bracelet from those annoying subscription cards that fall out of your magazine.

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* 81 subscription cards
* Scissors

1. Cut subscription cards into 4" x 1.5" rectangles.
2. Take one rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise, then unfold.
3. Fold each long side in to meet the middle crease.
4. Fold in half again to create a long, skinny piece.
5. Fold in half widthwise, then unfold and fold the sides in to the crease like you did in step three and fold in half again. This link will resemble a V, with folded slots on each arm of the V.
6. Repeat until all the rectangles have been folded.
7. To join the links, take the arms of one V and slide them into the slots of another and continue until each chain is 27 links long (you’ll need three chains total).
8. Secure the three chains together by weaving a few strips of paper between them on one side.
9. To turn each of the three chains into a loop, fit the first link into the last.
10. Accessorize with any outfit.

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