Do bitchy salespeople really make you want to buy more stuff?

A new study says yes, but our NYC shopping horror stories respectfully disagree

File this under: Huh?!? A recent study from the University of British Columbia and Southern Methodist University says that when salespeople at high-end boutiques are rude, it makes customers want to purchase more from said store. Basically, if they're mean to you, you'll buy more to prove that you're worthy of their attention. Now, we don't think that's always the case. Below, a few Time Out New York staffers (and friends) share some not-so-great customer-service experiences that did not result in a purchase. Share your story (or tell us about your favorite NYC store, with the best customer service!) in the comments.

"I went into the Patek Philippe salon at Tiffany & Co. and asked to see a Nautilus [watch] in steel. The guy said, 'There's such a long waiting list…you'll never get one.' And just stopped talking, sort of shaming me into leaving, like, literally walking out backward. I know that the steel PPs have a waiting list, but I felt embarrassed, like there is no real reason to live."

"It wasn't so much what they said at Reformation, it was more how they didn't do a thing. I walked in, no hello, no 'Are you looking for something particular how can I help you?' It took me holding about ten items before someone came up to ask if i needed a room. It was more of a general cold disinterest than outright mean."

"At 3.1 Phillip Lim they often just ignore you. Same goes for Smith + Butler in Cobble Hill. It makes me always want to go into my full Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman moment. 'Big mistake. Huge.'"​

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