How to dress in NYC this week: Crappy spring weather edition

The classic clothing conundrum: What the hell are we supposed to wear in New York City's so-called spring weather?

After one of the coldest and snowiest winters ever, we're still talking about the weather. Yeah, the snow may be gone (fingers crossed!), but conditions out there are still annoying. Take today, for instance. It was cold and windy this morning, warmer and sunny this afternoon, but there's still a chance of rain looming over our heads all week. How do we dress for the weather in NYC this week? We have a few tips.


Layering is the key to dressing in these in-between seasons. No doubt you're over your winter coat, so put it in storage and opt for a jacket (like a leather jacket or even a trench) that you can wear over a light sweater. When it gets warmer by lunch, just leave the jacket at your desk.

Don't forget a scarf

We're not talking about a heavy winter scarf here, but a lighter spring version that'll keep you warm in the morning. And when you get on the subway and start to overheat (the layers!), slip the scarf off and you'll cool down.

Trick yourself with color

Even if it's a heavier piece of clothing, wearing bright, springlike colors will at least make you feel like we're getting closer to spring weather. That has to count for something, right?

And because we're entering the season of April showers, don't leave home without your umbrella. These bright options should help you weather the storm.

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