Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz

The founders of a minimalist-chic skin- and hair-care line take us shopping for similarly sleek bathroom accessories.

Photographs: Christian Hartman

Andrew Goetz (right) and Matthew Malin are the men behind MALIN+GOETZ, a unisex line of skin and hair products that emphasizes simplicity and balance. Their modern apothecary in Chelsea is an all-white spaceshiplike shop that reflects the premise of their brand: streamlined sophistication. “We wanted to create a skin-care brand that two completely different people could use, regardless of gender or skin type,” says Goetz. “NYC bathrooms are small enough to begin with, so we know how important it is to maximize storage space.” Malin adds, “So our products are space-saving, but they don’t sacrifice quality and they look great in your bathroom.”

M+G get into the Halloween spirit at their Chelsea store (177 Seventh Ave between 20th and 21st Sts; 212-727-3777,

22 W 21st St between Fifth and Sixth Aves, fifth floor (212-243-5400)

This high-end showroom is a little under the radar, and that’s why Malin and Goetz like it. “It’s mainly for interior designers and is really expensive, so we usually use it as a source for inspiration,” Goetz says. The boys zip past the silver fixtures and white tubs until they’re struck by a wall-mounted mirror with an accordion base. Next, Malin spots a paper-towel holder that mimics some found in public restrooms. “We should have one of these in our bathroom,” he says.

cap: “It’s important for items to be functional, not just good-looking,” Malin says.

2. Moss
150 Greene St at W Houston St (212-204-7100)

“We love almost everything in here,” Goetz says. Adds Malin: “It’s like a museum; it’s curated so each time you come, it will be a little different.” Malin spots a wall of silver rods that hold paper products. “I love these because it takes something vernacular and industrial—like a steel cable—and makes it elegant,” he says. “It’s also inspirational because you can probably make it yourself out of ropes and tacks.” “You’ve met Martha Stewart, haven’t you?” asks Goetz, gesturing to Malin.

3. John Derian
6 E 2nd St between Bowery and Second Ave (212-677-3917)

“People tend to think this store is for your typical Saks or Bergdorf shopper,” says Goetz. “But it’s actually very modern and forward in thought,” he argues. They hover over a table of small round alphabet dishes ($44 each), which they suggest using as soap dishes or hanging on the wall. “Plus, they’re personal and would make a great gift,” adds Malin. Next door at the John Derian Dry Goods Store, Goetz spies a large wooden Jewish star with hooks. Malin finds a Lucite shelf he loves. “It’s decorative without overwhelming the space,” he says enthusiastically. “We have to come back and get it!”

4. Urban Archaeology
143 Franklin St between Varick and Hudson Sts (212-431-4646)

“It’s sort of like a fantasy store, everything looks like it’s from a Park Avenue bathroom,” says Goetz. “There are so many beautiful, old, restored classic fixtures.” You go here to find a standout statement piece, like a polished-chrome towel rack ($905) or an antique dental cabinet ($20,000), both pieces that Malin and Goetz loved. The duo heads to a display of bathroom fixtures. “In the world of globalization, it’s nice to find this one-of-a-kind stuff,” says Goetz, admiring a wall of odd-shaped nickel soap dishes ($145-$460).

5. ABC Carpet and Home
888 Broadway at 19th St (212-473-3000)

“This store is a New York institution,” says Goetz. Before stepping five feet into the store, Malin notices a table of beakers and glass bottles ($35). “These are good for holding your tweezers, brushes, etc.,” he says. “And try keeping your mouthwash in a glass beaker—it makes it look decorative.” Next, they make a beeline for the third floor. “This is definitely the go-to place for linens and towels,” says Malin. They immediately start drooling over a towering stack of white bath towels ($40 each). “White makes everything look fresh, crisp and clean; it feels healing and works in any bathroom,” says Malin.