Mod Cloth

Photograph: Beth Levendis

There’s a holy trinity of clothing attributes that I rarely find in my shopping endeavors: cute, unique and cheap. The three almost never come together: Pieces I like are often cute, sometimes unique, but—unless I’m shopping at Old Navy or H&M—never all that cheap. Enter Mod Cloth. The Pittsburgh-based online store (, stocked with vintage and retro-inspired pieces by a variety of indie designers, hits my sartorial trifecta almost every time. Since discovering the site in March 2007, I’ve purchased at least twenty different items—with nothing over $300 and most things under $100, how can I resist? Mod Cloth founder Susan Koger can’t stop shopping either: “I wear at least one piece [from the site] every day—and it’s not unusual for my entire outfit to be Mod Cloth!” Koger started the site in 2002—and ran it out of her dorm room at Carnegie Mellon for a spell—as a way to turn her obsession with thrifting and vintage clothes into cash. Six years later, the budding entrepreneur runs a site that’s updated daily with quirky pieces that you won’t see anywhere else. “Almost everything on the site falls into the ‘vintage-inspired’ category,” Koger says, “but we still stay true to our original mission: to provide unique fashions that you can’t find anywhere else, and at affordable prices!” Amen to that.