Most stylish New Yorkers: Gabe Saporta

The Cobra Starship frontman models his best looks; we show you how to steal his style.

  • Photograph: Zenith Richards


    "This is basically the outfit I've been wearing all fall," says Saporta. "I love these jeans because they are cut like slacks; the pockets give them a very distinct look. And I'm huge on [wearing] chambray on denim."

  • Photograph: Zenith Richards


    "I had the same watch when I was eight years old," recalls Saporta of this Casio Databank timepiece. "Casio stopped making them for a while, but I found this one in the Philippines. I keep my passport info on there so I don't have to look it up when I'm traveling."

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    "Corduroy!" enthuses Saporta of these Topman shoes. "It's hard to find good nonleather boots."

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    "I like being colorful, but I don't want to look like a rainbow threw up on me," says Saporta of his Topshop sweater. "I found you can balance that with a plain white tee."

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    Saporta found this neon-accented watch in a store in Belgium that carried dead-stock Swatches.

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    Saporta wears his Ben Sherman kicks sans socks. "Socks are gratuitous when you spend as much time soaking your feet in honey as I do," he says.

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    "Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?" asks Saporta, referring to his Diesel jeans. He dons them with a chunky knit from AllSaints. "This sweater has a really bizarre cut in the front, which makes it fold onto itself on the inside."

  • Photograph: Zenith Richards


    "Another great nonleather pair from Topshop," enthuses Saporta. "I wore these on Yom Kippur, since Jews aren't supposed to wear leather on the Day of Atonement!"

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    "Everything but the pants are AllSaints," admits Saporta. "I'm big on adding a bit of the 90210 style: peg-leg jeans rolled up, white tees and braided belts."

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    "Love those boots!" exclaims Saporta of his AllSaints footwear. "They make me seem even taller than I am."

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    "This is more of a stage look," notes Saporta. "The tee is from my T-shirt line, Overnight Sensation ( It's a photo of Brigette Bardot being awesome."

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    "Everyone has that one pair of shoes you just can't get rid of no matter how raggedy they become," says Saporta. "These are mine---John Varvatos Cons with an obscene amount of laces." He sports them with red socks, although not because they match his jacket. "[Guitarist Ryland Blackinton] made it his New Year's resolution to always wear red socks; I'm supporting a bro."

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    Saporta bought this gold ring while on tour in Austria, and it conjures bittersweet memories. "It was a miserable time to travel; not only was I freezing to death, but I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was depressed," he recalls. "Ryland and I decided that I should buy something to cheer myself up---I never really buy myself anything nice. But I didn't really want anything at all. So we thought, at least if I were to blow some money on a gold ring, it should at least make me laugh when I look at it."

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    Saporta discovered this American-flag jacket in a thrift store in Japan. "I'm lucky that I get to travel the world for free," he reflects. "And sometimes, I'm lucky when I have time to shop!"

  • gabesaporta15

    Topman multicolored Aztec cardigan, $64, at

  • gabesaporta16

    Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star high-top shoes, $50, at

  • gabesaporta17

    Kangol Wool Player hat, $48, at Kangol, 196 Columbus Ave at 69th St (212-724-1172)

  • gabesaporta18

    Zara tie-dyed three-quarter-sleeve polo, $30, at Zara, locations throughout the city; visit

  • gabesaporta19

    Happy Socks over-the-knee socks, $15, at Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard St at Broadway (212-219-2688,

  • gabesaporta20

    Esprit reverse-print cotton cardigan, $100, at Esprit, 21 W 34th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves (212-904-1996,

  • gabesaporta21

    Keds Century Collection the Grunge shoes, $55, at

  • gabesaporta22

    Aviator Nation biker hoodie, $165, at

  • gabesaporta23

    Lucky Brand Mt. Vernon zip cardigan, $119, at Lucky Brand, 535 Broadway between Prince and Spring Sts (212-680-0130,

  • gabesaporta24

    American Apparel slim slacks, $74, at American Apparel, locations throughout the city; visit

  • gabesaporta25

    Sneaktip the Pinch Hitter baseball jacket, $140, at

  • gabesaporta26

    J.Crew gray chambray utility shirt, $98, at J.Crew, locations throughout the city; visit

Photograph: Zenith Richards


"This is basically the outfit I've been wearing all fall," says Saporta. "I love these jeans because they are cut like slacks; the pockets give them a very distinct look. And I'm huge on [wearing] chambray on denim."

Gabriel Eduardo Saporta, 31, "badass motherfucking douche bag" and vocalist for Cobra Starship (, Union Square

His personal style: "It reflects my overall internal fashion dialogue—I like to look sweet, but I don't want to sweat it too hard. So I pick an outfit for the week and change out my drawers. When it comes to performing, I sweat like a pig on stage and I shred my clothes, so I have to be able to wear stuff that I won't mind destroying."

His inspirations: "Fresh Prince! Derek Zoolander! Mad Men! Sale items! Friends-and-family discounts! Sample sales!"

Favorite stores: "Topman—it's like an addiction. New stuff every week, and it's not too pricey. Switch the buttons out on some jackets and you're golden. Plus, [its clothes are] cut for tall, lanky dudes like me. Stock is great for vintage and Ina for very efficient consignment. I just love walking in Odin to see what everyone else will be copying next season. Archangel Antiques is an amazing little place for accessories, cufflinks, jewelry and other oddities. And AllSaints—I like that you can tell that something is from there. They have a strong aesthetic and brand identity, and something about the clothes just makes you feel more rugged—like you could work all day on an assembly line and then go home and pound some beers with your mining buddies after work."

His signature accessory: "I have an unmanageable Latino-Jew 'fro, so I'm often rocking a hat."

Favorite designers: "I just discovered a young new designer: Timo Weiland ( I love the choice of fabrics and the cuts. And I wish Proenza would hurry up and design for men already!"

How he describes New York style: "Like that old shampoo commercial: 'I'm not trying to be noticed, but I won't be ignored.'"

How his style has evolved throughout the years: "Preppy-punk to pseudohipster to flashy hood rat to chic Mad Men."

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