New store alert: Tokyobike opens on the Bowery this week

Ready to ride? Bicycle pandemonium will soon ensue on the corner of Prince Street.

Photograph: @tokyobikeasia -​

Ride or die? No question about it, a stylish bike is a summer staple for anyone looking to avoid those boiling hot subway tunnels. New York is certainly not shy of great shops for picking up the perfect two-wheeler, but for the next three months, Tokyobike is taking possession of the corner space on Bowery at Prince Street, formerly owned by Freitag.

Founded in the Tokyo suburb of Yanaka in 2002, this independent bicycle company values comfort over speed with a flair for modern bike design. The inspiration came from its name. “In the same way mountain bikes are meant for mountainous riding, Tokyobike is designed for navigating around Tokyo,” reads the company’s website.

The beautifully crafted bicycles, which are sold in London, Sydney, Singapore and Berlin, come in five different models and a wide variety of colors, which range from $700 to $1,000. However, this shop will offer rental and bike share, so you can still be a cool rider without breaking the bank.

According to the website, “The handlebars are designed to enable greater command of the road whilst maintaining excellent control over the bike. Built with CrMo steel instead of the traditional aluminum frames, our bicycles are stronger and more flexible, providing a more comfortable ride and longer lasting frame.”

The pop-up will launch on May 30. Whether you plan to use your bike for exercise or pleasure, remember to enjoy the route just as much as the destination.