No find like the present

Wedding-gift ideas for everyone from your BFF to Oscar in accounting.


Coworker’s wedding

Who they are: The guy you josh around with at work—you’ve heard every wedding-planning disaster story, but never met the spouse-to-be.

Advice: “If you and a bunch of other coworkers have been invited, you can all chip in on a gift from the registry. Or you can choose something on your own like candlesticks from the Lenox china collection—you’ll want to keep it fairly generic,” says Macy’s vice president of personal-shopping services Linda Lee.

How much to spend: $60–$100

From the registry: Buy the coffeemaker, but personalize it with gourmet beans from Porto Rico Importing Co. (201 Bleecker St between Sixth Ave and MacDougal St; 212-477-5421,; note that they beat what’s at the office.

Classic gift: Odds are these Lenox bone china candlesticks will blend in with their registry pieces. $72,

Cool gift: Rattan can be dressed up or down; it’s the black dress of the housewares world, making this ice bucket a sure bet. $80,

Cooler gift: Encourage whimsy in their married life with Tetra water glasses covered in itty-bitty little fish. Six for $72,

Coolest gift of all: Help them relax with a Manhattan skateboarding lesson—how many stressed-out skate punks do you know? $120 for two,


Best friend’s wedding

Who they are: You drank together in college, you’re giving the toast and you dated the spouse-to-be (but it all ended well. Really!).

Advice: “There are lots of drink-related gifts out there,” says Lee. “If you know how they live and entertain—do they have ten friends over or two?—then you can get enough glasses for that group. Be sure to always get an even number. Or, try giving a gift that anticipates the demon hangover the next day: Some argan massage oil and two great hotel-collection bath sheets in a basket should do the trick.”

How much to spend: $100–$150

From the registry: Get the beer glasses. Then buy craft brews from Whole Foods’ Bowery Beer Room (95 Houston at Bowery, 212-420-1320, or VIP passes to an upcoming beer festival, such as the South Shore Real Beer Festival on Jul 19 (, $100 for two).

Classic gift: Nothing spoils a party like a white wine that’s gone warm. The Nambé Wine Chiller avoids those awkward dinner-party record-scratching moments. $105,

Cool gift: Creepy or awesome? How about both? This 7-by-10-inch decoupage plate is a standout display item. $75,

Cooler gift: The Alessi Parrot corkscrew and the “Pescher” trivet deliver a stylish dose of immaturity. $54 and $82,

Coolest gift of all: A private ninja lesson is, hands down, the greatest gift ever, and ensures that you’ll be remembered for years to come. $250 for two,


Relative’s wedding

Who they are: There’s photo (you, in diapers, in their arms) and blood evidence that you share the same genes, but you don’t really know them outside of the family setting.

Advice: “Giving them a picture of when you were kids, or one of the relatives you have in common, is a great way to personalize a gift. Digital frames are ideal, because you can load them with a lot of photos,” says Lee. “If you’re feeling clever, look at the registry and figure out what they didn’t register for. Or just throw in a third pair of candlesticks in a different height.”

How much to spend: $75–$125

From the registry: Settle on the boring place setting but throw in recipe cards bearing the best of your shared family’s recipes—find a box of blanks at Kate’s Paperie for $17 (72 Spring St between Crosby and Lafayette Sts, 212-941-9816).

Classic gift: A Vera Wang picture frame is sleek and classy—everything your mother wishes you were. $75,

Cool gift: Antonio Citterio’s stainless steel serving spoons will match—and survive—anything. $90,

Cooler gift: There’s something “mad scientist” about this round-bottom decanter. $150,

Coolest gift of all: Schedule a full-on house cleaning right before the couple returns from the honeymoon. Because who can clean when they’re feeling ecstatic? $150,