Right Now We Want: A machine that makes wine at home [UPDATE]

This seems too good to be true: The Miracle Machine allows you to make wine at home with the help of an app

The Miracle Machine

The Miracle Machine

Welcome to Right Now We Want, a new feature in which we pick one lustworthy product each week. Whether it's a trinket you can scoop up today after work or a goody worth saving your money for, these items are our new favorite things. 

UPDATE: Welp, it turns out this machine is too good to be true. Business Insider is reporting that it was a PR stunt; find details here.

Sure, there's a liquor shop on just about every corner of this city. But still, it could be easier to pick up a bottle of wine in NYC. Waiting in line at the Trader Joe's Wine Shop is never fun, and settling for "wine product" at your neighborhood grocery store always feels like a new low. But there will soon be a convenient alternative: making wine at home. Until now, that has required access to a vineyard and stomping around in a barrel of grapes, I Love Lucy–style. The Miracle Machine changes all that. About the size of a countertop vase, the gadget turns water and other ingredients into wine in just three days. 

Download the Miracle Machine app on your smartphone, and it'll guide you through the wine making process. You choose the type of wine you want to make, add the correct ingredients (such as concentrate, yeast and a finishing powder—all available on the Miracle Machine website in a $2 packet), and the machine alerts you when the wine is ready. At its core is a fermentation chamber that uses new technology to speed up the wine-making process.

The first units will hit the market later this year and will retail for about $499. Wanna be one of the first customers? Visit the company's website for information on how to get involved with its fund-raising campaign.

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