Street fashion: Brooklyn Flea

Vintage obsessives come together to worship retro style.

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    Patrick Matamoros, 35, owner of Chapel NYC, Chinatown
    Patrick's t-shirt is from his own collection, Chapel NYC (, a vintage clothing company specializing in "the perfect vintage rock and Harley t-shirts." His '70s elephant-bell Levi's ( and rattlesnake boots are also vintage.

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    Loose lips sink ships: Patrick isn't spilling any secrets on where he finds said perfect tees. "That's like asking a magician how he saws his assistant in half."

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    To complete his sartorial time-warp, he adds a '20s Native American vest.

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    Frankie Hutchinson, 23, employee at Chonchos Tacos; Bushwick, Brooklyn
    Frankie's outfit has a definite focal point: an electric blue frock from a thrift store in Rhode Island.

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    Her head scarf came from a shop in Harlem, and her earrings are from H&M ( "I kind of try to look like I have more expensive taste than the clothes are worth."

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    She picked up this locket from a fellow boothmate at Brooklyn Flea. "It's empty now, but I did want to get a picture of Lil Wayne to put inside of it."

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    Her tights are from London, and her boots---which add a touch of tough to an otherwise feminine outfit---were "a gift from my mom."

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    Haley Berry, 22, employee at Babycakes Bakery; Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
    "These are the only things that are new," Haley says of her black jeans from Urban Outfitters ( Her purple jacket is from a vintage store in Portland.

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    She swapped out snow boots for a pair of navy blue Bogart & Moore lace-up booties ( right before having her photo taken.

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    Her silk bustier top, which was originally a dress, is from a thrift store in California.

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    She made her own earrings, and her necklace is from "a Tibetan store on Rivington."

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    David Sokosh, 47, owner of Clinton Hill Clocks and Brooklyn Watches; Clinton Hill. Brooklyn
    David's old-world charm is a culmination of vintage items spanning an entire century. His blazer is "vintage Gap from 1990," whereas his vest is "truly vintage, from 1890. It's part of a suit that's a little relentless. The whole grid pattern is a bit much." His brown chords are from Target ( and his hiking-style boots are from Sears (

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    David's horological expertise is reflected in old and new pieces. He makes and sells new watches, but the vintage pocket-watch clipped to his vest is an old find.

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    His frames are from the early 1900s.

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    Sara Bereket, 29, owner of Saraz Closet; Clinton Hill. Brooklyn
    "I reconstruct almost all of my clothes. I'm big on recycling." She made her scarf from fabric leftover from shortened a skirt.

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    She hiked up the hemline of a dress from her own collection (, and synched it at the waist with a thrift store belt.

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    "I don't wear anything that's new---except maybe shoes," she says of her Dolce Vita wedges scored on eBay. "I think they might be Opening Ceremony knockoffs. But I like these better, and I like a deal."

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    Natasha Diggs, 28, DJ and vintage jewelry vendor; Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
    Natasha's green sweatpants that she's "had forever" let her man her booth without fuss. "I have to go to work at 6am, so I just want to be comfy."

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    Natasha's jewelry adds some gusto to her working-weekend attire. Her necklace is from her own collection that she sells at Brooklyn Flea (1 Hanson Place at Flatbush Ave, Fort Greene, Brooklyn;; Sat, Sun 10am-6pm).

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    A fringed vintage pin from her booth adds an elegant touch to her collared Asos jacket (

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    "These are vintage Italian sunglasses and I just made them into actual glasses."

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    Mark Randolph, 41, artist and writer, Bushwick, Brooklyn
    Mark's describes his style as "a blue collar worker from the '50s mixed with a little '90s hip-hop." Half of what he's wearing came from a recent birthday---both his flannel shirt and shoes were gifts. "I got laced for my 40th birthday."

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    His cap came from a men's shop in Princeton, NJ.

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    Kelly McDermott, 34, vintage dealer for Lager and Tangled Hair, Chelsea
    Kelly's outfit looks well-planned, but it revolves around one basic principle: "it's suitable to walk the dog in."

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    Her rings are a mix of old and new: she mixes a David Yurman ring ( with a melded Victorian-era spoon. She holds a black HCL bag from London.

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    She purchased her hat from a friend's vintage collection, Estate of Art Vintage Lifestyle (

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    Kelly's shirt, which is "probably from the '80s" with its voluminous sleeves and zipper detailing, is from Elsa's Ark in Southampton (70 Main St between Cameron St and Hampton Rd; 631-287-2952). Her scarf is vintage Victoria. "I now have to limit myself to wearing it once a week it's been mended so many times, but I still love it."

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    Nathan Cann, 25, chocolate-maker at Raaka Chocolate and employee at Invisible Exports Gallery; Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
    Nathan's shirt (adorned with a Mickey Mouse patch) and pants are both from Kill Devil Hill (170 Franklin St between India and Java Sts, Greenpoint, Brooklyn; 347-534-3088,

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    His hat was hand-knitted by his girlfriend's grandmother, given as a gift to her aunt and then re-gifted to him. "I remember her grandma got pretty mad about that."

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    "These shoes I found on the side of the road, and they've almost reached their limit."

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    Brittany Pham, 29, Mahps Vintage vendor; Greenpoint, Brooklyn
    Brittany buys and sells vintage clothing, and her own outfit follows suit. "Everything is vintage." Her gray sweater is from a thrift store in Long Island. "I think this may actually be a kid's sweater," she says.

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    She won her two-toned shoes on eBay, and pairs them with high socks and short pants from a thrift store in California.

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    Tony Abrego, 38, vintage clothing dealer; Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
    "I mix new and old but it kind of all looks the same," says Tony of his style. He sports a His shirt a retro '40s flannel.

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    Tony's pageboy cap is from the '30s.

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    His contemporary pieces, like these RRL Ralph Lauren jeans ( and Paul Smith shoes (, fit seamlessly with his second-hand wares.


Patrick Matamoros, 35, owner of Chapel NYC, Chinatown
Patrick's t-shirt is from his own collection, Chapel NYC (, a vintage clothing company specializing in "the perfect vintage rock and Harley t-shirts." His '70s elephant-bell Levi's ( and rattlesnake boots are also vintage.

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