Street fashion: MCM by Patricia Field bag launch

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    Patricia Field

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    Patricia Field

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    Dai Burger; Patricia Field employee, music artist, entertainer; Cambria Heights, Queens

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    "I have a cute coworker named Reiko, and she already owned this hat," says Burger. "I loved it as soon as I saw it! She told me it was sold at the David Barton gym store, which baffled me. But lo and behold, I went and there it was. Sometimes, it pays to be a copycat."

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    Allie Rizzo, 22, model, Chelsea
    "My personal style is always comfort driven. I feel best in a fitted dress or a great T-shirt and jeans. Recently, I've been wearing a lot of Sena ( pieces, and I'm a big fan of Gemma Kahng ( and Jovani ( dresses. My everyday look is J Brand jeans and an Alexander Wang tee."

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    "I hosted the opening of the Roberta Freymann East Hampton store and wore this Roberta Freymann necklace over a nude Rolando Santana dress," says Rizzo. "I loved it so much that they let me keep it! I'm pretty sure Roberta and her PR, Mark Silver, picked up on my not-so-subtle hints throughout the night that it would be so unfortunate to take it off."

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    Vava Marevicheff-Ugnatenko, 28, fashion stylist, East Village

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    Erin O'Keefe, 27, stylist; Sunnyside, Queens

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    "I purchased this bag at a vintage shop in one of my favorite cities in Spain, Segovia," says O'Keefe. "It's a no-name bag. There isn't even a label in it. I love it because it looks small, but holds a ton of stuff: It expands to fit my hat, scarf and all of my day necessities. I wore it out last night because it's waterproof. Cute and extremely functional."

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    Dede Brown, 40, public relations; Bedford--Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
    "People keep talking about this bag but it's actually two years old from Target!"

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    Brown scored her Grace Sun necklace as a giveaway from the designer's spring presentation.

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    Sarina Suno, 26, violinist, Gramercy

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    Boronia Fallshaw, 28, buyer, West Village

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    "My favorite bracelet is the charm one, a gift from my now-deceased Oma and Opa," says Fallshaw. "I was given the bracelet with only five charms, and as a family tradition, I'm supposed to collect more charms on every birthday. I also try to buy one when I travel, as a small reminder of my experiences. There's still plenty of room, and I'm on the hunt for one to remind me of NYC."

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    Artie Hach, 39, Patricia Field employee, Upper East Side

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    "Buying gold in Egypt is like buying a sexy Arab hustler in Times Square circa 1989," Hach says of his necklace from Egypt. "Hopefully you will walk away with your wallet."

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    Dennis Bernard ("Russian Dennis"), 31, Patricia Field public relations and special events employee; Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

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    Chris Fawcett, 24, model, Financial District
    "The scarf was a gift from the designers of A Peace Treaty (, which is a brand that produces goods with local artisans in areas of conflict. A widow made this particular scarf, and she now can support her family with what she earned. It's a way of keeping ancient techniques alive and helping others at the same time!"

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    Marina Storonkin (left), 35, marketing manager for MCM, with sister Alexis Storonkin (right), 19, student, Gramercy Park

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    Ally Hilfiger and Harif Guzman

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    Theodora and Alexandra Richards

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    Patricia Field for MCM handbag

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    Patricia Field for MCM handbags

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    Patricia Field for MCM handbags

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    Patricia Field for MCM handbags

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    DJ Matheos

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    Sarina Suno

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    Patricia Field


Patricia Field