Susan Sarandon is selling her pool table on Craigslist

Yes, this is real—and the Thelma & Louise star will even sign the table for the lucky Craigslist customer

I took everything I read on the Internet yesterday with a grain of salt, skeptical that any post could turn out to be yet another April Fool's Day prank (apologies to anyone who tried to get a free hot dog yesterday, by the way). But it looks like the news of Susan Sarandon selling her pool table via Craigslist is actually legit.

The actress and Ping-Pong club investor tweeted about the sale yesterday, and even offered an extra incentive: She'll autograph the table if you'd like her to. The asking price is $3,000, and the table comes with a two-piece table-tennis top, cue stand, six cues, bridge, balls, rack, table brush and cover. Unless it gets bought by a bar, it’s hard to imagine who’s going to buy this, because really, who in New York has an apartment big enough to fit a pool table? The answer, of course, is people who can afford to buy brand-new pool tables without resorting to Craigslist.

If you are a super Sarandon fan with a spacious apartment, however, you should definitely step up and make this purchase. An autographed pool table is way more exciting than the Susan Sarandon memorabilia on eBay right now.

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