Apartment tour: 3BR loft, Tribeca

A luxury handbag designer's spacious loft is half gallery, half jungle gym.

  • "My name for this is the S&M Couch," jokes Propp about the plastic-covered,...

  • The oil painting in the master bedroom is by French artist Franois Bard---and yes, it's the painter's foot. "He does self-portraiture a lot," says Propp.

  • Both the retro diner-style booth and checkered kitchen table were custom-made by West Virginia's Bars and Booths (barsandbooths.com). The Andy Warhol--esque hanging lamps are from lighting designer Ingo Maurer (ingo-maurer.com).

  • The family collects vintage Christmas tree lights (these are from the 1920s) as an homage to Propp's grandfather, who was an early manufacturer of them.

  • The sleek dining room also functions as an office; the wood-and-PVC modular shelving unit is by Edra. Says Sang A, "We found that at the Edra show and said, 'Oh my god, we have to get it.'"

  • Creativity runs in the family: Olivia hangs her many art projects on the wall leading to her rainbow-hued bedroom. "Every time she makes something, she says, 'I'm going to put it in my gallery,'" laughs Sang A.

  • Artist Andy Diaz Hope (andydiazhope.com) created this photographic mosaic of...

  • The funky anemone-shaped chair Sang A is sitting in was designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra; the couple scooped up two of them---one pink and one white---on a buying spree in Italy.

  • Propp and Sang A scored this Bard dog painting at Gallerie du Fleuve along the...

"My name for this is the S&M Couch," jokes Propp about the plastic-covered,...

Photographs: Imogen Brown

Korean pop-star-and-TV-actress-turned-handbag-designer Sang A (sanga.com) is known for her luxe satchels made of exotic skins like python, fox and alligator. Her love of quality merchandise is also evident in the Tribeca home she shares with husband/music producer Jamie Propp and their five-year-old daughter, Olivia. The couple takes a minimalist approach, curating a selection of museum-caliber furniture and art. "I grew up in an art collector family, so I have a good background," says Propp. "Plus, I'm married to a great designer." Unlike a gallery, though, their spacious loft is remarkably kid-friendly. "We got this apartment when I was pregnant, so we were choosing things that were round and soft," says Sang A. "Olivia just does laps in here," adds Jamie. "It's more her gym than our apartment."

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Design Within Reach
(locations throughout the city; visit dwr.com) The chainlet is perhaps best known for its Cellula chandelier ($2,200), an exact replica of one Sang A and Propp purchased at Moss. The couple came up with the idea to buy two of them and stagger the lighting fixtures over their dining room table for double the dramatic effect.

The Future Perfect
(115 North 6th St at Berry St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 718-599-6278, thefutureperfect.com) Though the couple doesn't own anything from this avant-garde interior design spot, they routinely pop by just to poke around. "We like the store's aesthetic," says Propp. "We always get inspired by their stuff."

(150 Greene St at Houston St; 212-204-7100, mossonline.com) Moss is one of the few stores in the city to carry Edra, the couple's favorite furniture label. In fact, it stocks the same Anemone chairs the fam keeps in its living room—at a cool $3,940 apiece.

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