Apartment tour: Collector's edition

A traveling musician finds a place to hang her hat-and a few other favorite things.

  • Only used to make tea, the kitchen seemed like a logical place for the plants

  • The smoking chair

  • I can play but I'm no Carl Byron

  • Worden's stuffed rabbit from her childhood

  • Someone in the neighborhood was actually throwing this out

  • Worden in her less-busy bedroom

  • One of Worden's many found picture frames

Only used to make tea, the kitchen seemed like a logical place for the plants

Last year, Shara Worden, lead singer of indie-folk band My Brightest Diamond, played 185 concerts on the road. "When you're touring so much you lose a connection to your home, but somehow this place really does feel like my haven," says Worden of the Sunset Park, Brooklyn, apartment she rents with her husband, James. "We've been here for seven years—that's the longest I've ever lived in one place."

With vibrantly colored walls, personalized art, a few dozen plants and lots of knickknacks, the apartment certainly represents Worden's free spirit. And the best part, she admits, is that about 75 percent of their decor was found on the street. "I've had strange experiences where I'd imagine what I needed and it would magically appear on the curb," she says referring to their red love seat, a file cabinet, some picture frames and even one of her two pet rabbits (random, we know). The rest of their pieces weren't just plucked off a shelf at cookie-cutter stores either: There's the German accordion passed down from James's late grandfather, a watercolor Worden bought in Moscow when she was 13 and a stuffed bunny from her childhood (she swears she doesn't have an unhealthy rabbit obsession).

"When people visit, they look like bobbleheads trying to see everything," Worden laughs. "I think they like how much stuff there is to look at." And although there is a lot of rubbernecking involved in a first visit, the couple finds the space calming. They cozy up within the living room's bordeaux-colored walls at night ("I don't smoke, but I like to sit and pretend I'm a smoking French person," she says of the mood the Francophile color puts her in), and she likens the calming yellow of the bedroom to that of the buildings in Saint Petersburg, Russia. "The art that's in there is some of my favorite in the house," she says pointing out a print of a blossoming cherry tree and two (more) bunnies, and a painting of a horse that James presented when he proposed.

In order to give the bedroom an open, clutter-free feeling, Worden made a conscious effort to keep some of the walls clean. "I'm envious of minimalists because I like that sense of open space that clears your mind, but I'm just not able to part with things I like," sighs Worden. "But it could be worse—my apartment could look like a boring JCPenney catalog."

Catch My Brightest Diamond at (Le) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker St between Sullivan and Thompson Sts; 212-228-4854, lepoissonrouge.com) on December 13 at 7:30 pm ($16 in advance or $20 at the door).

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