Best NYC moving companies

These movers will haul your stuff for the right price. Plus: TONY-exclusive discounts!

Rob the Mover

Rob the Mover

If you want...efficiency
All Star Moving and Storage
Average city move: $180 per hour (includes four movers)
Unlike that last twerpy mover you hired, the All Stars can carry twice their weight in your clothes and furniture. Pack your junk in the provided 21 wardrobe boxes while he-men equipped with "hump straps" (belts used to carry objects on their backs) handle your load. "Some guys can take seven book cases at once," boasts Tom Begley, director of operations. "They look like Sherpas when they go up and down the stairs." 424 Park Ave at Kent Ave, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn (212-254-2638,

If you want...eye candy
Rob the Mover
Average city move: $155 per hour (includes four movers)
This mom-and-pop moving shop offers wholesale-priced boxes, curb-to-curb service and a nice view. "They're cute guys," says graduate student Ara, who hired the company for her move (and asked that we not use her last name). "They all do interesting things; one guy is a drummer and one is a runner." Allen Hubby, a co-owner of Drama Book Shop in midtown, claims he's hired more than 30 different people in the business. "Rob the Mover is the only one I'll ever call again," he says, citing the company's reliability and conversation skills.
TONY deal: Score $25 off an apartment move and $10 off any smaller move. 312 W 20th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves (646-657-8628,

If you want...brains and brawn
Rabbit Movers
Average city move: $160 per hour (includes four movers). Flat rates available.
"There's a stereotype that artists aren't that strong, but we hire the athletic artists," says company president Shawn Lyons. Tali Balas, a New York private-school teacher, confirms: "When my dining room table couldn't fit in the elevator, they carried it up eight flights of steps and didn't blink," she says.
TONY deal: Get 50 percent off supplies and a free T-shirt that reads: SUPPORT AN ARTIST, HIRE A MOVER. 33 Washington St between Plymouth and Water Sts, Dumbo, Brooklyn (718-852-2352,

If you want...a deal
Imperial Moving and Storage
Average city move: $80--$130 per hour. Flat rates available.
"We don't charge extra if we take a half an hour longer like most companies," boasts president Daniel Norber. "We do whatever we can to maintain the price no matter what; we care about our reputation more than that extra $50." Sweet! Because quite frankly, we do care about that $50.
TONY deal: Five free wardrobe boxes. 83 Washington Pl between Sixth Ave and MacDougal St (212-879-MOVE,

If you want...culture (but no funk)
Average city move: $100--$150 per hour (includes three movers)
This eclectic group of self-proclaimed "odor-free" movers includes writers, painters, a comedian, an actor, a director, musicians and even a couple of graduate students. The hourly rate is practically all-inclusive; they wrap up your coffee table and stick quilted pads on your lamp free of charge.
TONY deal: Get 5 percent off your move. 174 Bogart St at Scholes St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-599-9100,