House call: Pop rocks

It's always a bright day in this Bushwick home of handbags.

Why Billywick?

"We call it Billywick or Bushburg," says Sciandra of their Brooklyn neighborhood. "You sound like an asshole when you say you're from Williamsburg," agrees Hannon. Whatever name their corner goes by, it feels decidedly distinct from the nearby coffeeshop-and-boutique district, with modest delis and longtime residents. "It's about half hipsters and half Spanish families," says Sciandra. "It's just starting to develop, but because the projects are so anchored, it's only going to get so gentrified." Still, they treasure their great find of an apartment and have hopes that the area stays affordable. "We might just have to move back to the East Village if we get priced out of Brooklyn," he laughs.

Their favorite area restaurants:

Cafe Nijasol

Cafe Nijasol
(173 Montrose Ave between Graham Ave and Humboldt St, Williamsburg; 718-599-1612) "The outdoor seating is sweet—it's great on a sunny day."

(149 Broadway between Bedford and Driggs Ave, Williamsburg; 718-384-6343, "It's a more upscale spot decorated with metalwork art."

Mojito Loco
(102 Meserole St between Leonard St and Manhattan Ave, Williamsburg; 718-963-2960, "They serve a vegetarian lasagna, only it's not lasagna—just layers of veggies, beans and cheese," says Sciandra of the restaurant's capas al horno.

Their favorite area bars:


(161 Montrose Ave between Graham Ave and Humboldt St, Bushwick; "This place was a trailblazer," says Sciandra of the cozy, friendly bar.

Trophy Bar
(351 Broadway between 9th and Keap Sts, Williamsburg; They may not have won any awards yet, but that doesn't keep them from putting dozens of cups, trophies and plaques on display.

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