Store your bike

Your hot-pink Huffy doesn't have to be the focal point-even in the tiniest of living rooms.

“Get your bike out of the way with a vertically hanging rack,” suggests Chris Feltman, avid cyclist and manager of bike shop NYC Velo (64 Second Ave between 3rd and 4th Sts; 212-253-7771, He recommends the Leonardo by Delta ($19.99,, which he says is easy to install.

1 Knock on the wall until you find a solid beam.

2 Hold your bike upright so that both tires touch the wall; mark where the front tire hits. Measure 12 inches above that and drill your first hole.

3 Line up the rack and trace the opening for the second screw. Drill the second hole.

4 Tightly screw in the rack.

5 Hang your bike and attach the plastic tire tray where the rear wheel hits the wall to avoid scuff marks.

“Avoid hanging your bike near heaters; they can cause your tires to explode or melt,” Feltman warns.

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