Tossed and found


Photo: Wary Meyers Decorative Arts

Found 82nd Street near Fifth Avenue, January 3 at 11am

The item Two wood ribbon-backed Chippendale chairs, missing a few ribbons and both seats

The process “We measured and cut seats out of plywood and foam, before using a staple gun to cover them with period fabric. We jigsawed a skeleton torso out of leftover plywood, which we pegged into the top ribbons and the backs of the seats with short dowels. The wood just needed an oiling.”

The materials Plywood ($9), Minwax red-oak stain ($5), orange oil furniture polish ($10), wooden dowel ($1) from Home Depot (; fabric ($7) from Mood Fabrics (225 W 37th St, 212-730-5003); foam ($15) from Economy Foam (56 W 8th St, 212-475-4800).—Collected and salvaged by Wary Meyers (

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Photo: Wary Meyers Decorative Arts