Cheap eats 2010: Start saving!

It's that time again—time to tell you how to get full (and satisfied) for less. Not that we haven't been keeping you posted on what's good in affordable eats and drinks all year long—remember this? And this? And oh, how about this? But our Cheap Eats issue offers oh so much more. Who needs haute burgers and fried chicken when you can eat equally delicious versions, each for under $10? The junk-food averse, meanwhile, can test out our eco-friendly suggestions. Then there are pointers on where to go on a cheap date (without seeming cheap), and equally cool spots for dining with friends on a budget. We also look into our crystal ball to forecast what could be the next hot cheap eat (hint: we go well beyond banh mi). And don't miss our ode to the condiments that elevate cheap snacks from palatable to porntastic. Well, what are you waiting for? Read it all here.