Golden Cadillac opening in the East Village this spring

Is the East Village the epicenter of the cocktail universe? At the very least, it's the hub of New York's tippling culture. The 'hood is already home to the vanguard of the cocktail's resurgence, Angel's Share, along with industry leaders Death & Company, PDT and Mayahuel, plus booze-serious restaurants, like The Beagle and Prima. Soon one more will join this illustrious pack: bartender extraordinaire Giuseppe Gonzalez (PKNY, Clover Club) is teaming up with Greg Boehm, head honcho of barware emporium Cocktail Kingdom, and James Tune, GM of the Pegu Club, to open Golden Cadillac this spring.

The bar will pay tribute to New York's cocktail culture with a menu spanning from the 1800s to present day. "It's going to be like a history book," says Gonzalez. "We're going from Jerry Thomas to Dale DeGroff and Audrey Saunders. All the great New York bartenders left the country during Prohibition, [so we're also going to feature drinks from] New York expats at places like the Savoy in London. Even drinks that weren't invented here have a link to New York City." Gonzalez also vows his bote won't put forth any antivodka pretensions. "I am definitely putting a Rockette on the menu," he says. "It's basically a vodka South Side."

And how will the space look? Gonzalez offers a cinematic reference point: "Remember that bar called Volpe's in Mean Streets? That's the way Golden Cadillac's going to look—an old Italian social club, but with tons of Art Deco details." 448 E 13th St between Ave A and First Ave (no phone yet)