What's on the menu at Sleep No More

This weekend we had the great pleasure of seeing Sleep No More—an immersive production of Macbeth from London company Punchdrunk. We'll leave the thoughtful criticism of this stunning, interactive show to our siblings in TONY's theater department. But we did want to share a pair of menus, which we filched from a nightmarish dining room—one of the sets inside the Chelsea warehouse where the show unfolds.

Nodding to Macbeth's geographic setting, the food on these breakfast and dinner menus is Scottish (click through to view). As meticulously detailed as one of Sleep No More's 100 intricate sets, it includes Gaelic fare both plausible (haggis; roasted venison with red cabbage; traditional breakfast pastries called butteries) to the unlikely (a "spearpink" salad served with mussels; "blue bacon;" a pot of "highland thistle milk").

We're a little rusty on our 17th century and Scottish middles ages gastronomy, but if any food history buffs out there wish to shed some light on the less Google-able items on these bills of fare, we'd love to hear from you. No? Okay, let's just look at these pretty pictures instead!