Where to drink on St. Paddy's Day: High brow and low

Kiss me, I'm Irish.
Kiss me, I'm Irish.

As a gin blossomed, green-top-hat-clad miscreant sloppily reminded us on the train this morning, "iiiit's efffffing PADDDDDDY'S DAYY" today. Whether this means you'll be hiding under a blanket until the green tide resides or unearthing last year's shamrock-patterned skank tank, we have a few suggestions.


The good folks at Bushmills whiskey have commissioned everyone's favorite bar-bound alchemists, Jim Meehan (PDT) and Eben Freeman (Tailor), to build Irish breakfast cocktails.

Meehan infuses the whiskey with bacon and mixes it with maple syrup (a familiar combination), orange and lemon juices and a whole egg for his "Nose to Cocktail" ($13). Freeman's Top o' the Afternoon ($8) also features bacon-infused whiskey. Into the drink he drops tomato gele and a poached quail egg; on top it's Irish breakfast tea espuma and bits of black pudding (from Myers of Keswick, yowza). Both drinks will be available at their respective bars tonight.


If you're blessed with a lunch hour, spend it at Financial District pub Ulysses, where owner Danny McDonald has carpeted the cobblestone street under his outdoor St. Paddy's Day party tent with green Astroturf. Stop by the Jameson Irish coffee station, or opt for a 20-ounce pint of Guinness or Harp for $6—the festivities continue until 4am.

Then take advantage of your lost inhibitions at Iggy's. Shots of whiskey are $2 with purchase of a Guinness all day; after 8pm, specials include three-buck pints of Iggy's house ale and lager. A couple of those ought to prepare you for the Irish pub-song contest at 9pm.

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