Where to eat and drink for St. Patrick's Day


The gear-up for St. Paddy's Day is upon us—do you know where your green Guinness is? If not (or if those two words just made you throw up a little in your mouth), there's no need to go chasing leprechauns looking for answers. We've got all your celebratory needs covered. Find a comprehensive list of things to do here, including an educational class called "Guinness Is Good for You!" and some restaurants where you can get your corned beef fix. If boozin' is your main aim, there are plenty more drinking events to choose from, ranging from a classy Michael Collins Irish Whiskey Tasting to a decidedly debaucherous "Luck of the Irish" pub crawl, spanning three days and more than 50 bars. At the risk of enabling the bender to end all benders, we've even rustled up four all-access passes to the crawl that you can win here. Slinte!

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