Cielo reopens: Live photos of Dance.Here.Now

  • TONY clubs editor Bruce Tantum

  • DJ Severe, left

  • Danny Krivit, left

  • Pauly Raffaele

  • From left: Pauly Raffaele, DJ Severe and, far right, Danny Krivit

  • DJ Severe and Danny Krivit

  • Danny Krivit mans the decks

  • Phil D from Dance Tracks

  • Bruce Tantum, left, and Maria 909

Photographs: Marc Whalen

Meatpacking District bote Cielo was in a celebratory mood this past Thursday—not only was the club open again after a brief summer hiatus, but the reopening party featured one of the city's most beloved DJs, Body & Soul/718 Sessions spinner Danny Krivit. Pauly Rafaelle provided a nicely housed-up set as well, but the real surprise may have been the opening jock, the 16-year-old DJ Severe, who laid the groundwork with a deep and grooving set of pumpers as the club was filling up. Have we found Gotham's next teenage DJ phenom?