Honorable mentions: Even more best music of 2008

tmntAll right, first, a thought on all of these year-end lists coming out around now: What the hell is wrong with you people? Here's the thing: I like TV on the Radio, but Dear Science shouldn't be on top of any list. Have you not heard Return to Cookie Mountain? I like Fleet Foxes, but the band's record struck me as a promising start, not a supreme champ...and so on and so forth, grumble here, grumble there.

I was happy with my fellow staffers' picks this year, but really there is only one top ten that matters this year: mine. And, you know what the world needs? Even more recommendations from me.

11. Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend (XL). This one might have made my top ten if not for the fancy-pantsers' lame-ass sweaters. That said, I do ride the M79 bus everyday.

12. Wale The Mixtape About Nothing (10 Deep). The best up-and-coming rapper on the planet takes on the best show ever made (Seinfeld) in anticipation of his debut LP in '09.

13. Growing Lateral (The Social Registry). I found this ultrashort, four-song EP to be much more satisfying than the noisy, ambient duo's full-length, All the Way.

14. Fuck Buttons Street Horrrsing (The Social Registry). More noise—this time from a couple of Brits who throw in enough scuzz and whiz-bangs to satisfy both sides of the Atlantic.

15. Delta Spirit Ode to Sunshine (Rounder). A barrel of laughs and tears: the best bar record of the year.

16. Sian Alice Group 59:59 (The Social Registry). Ms. Alice and her crew assemble a mystical, scary and adventurous set of tunes.

17. The Dodos Visiter (Frenchkiss). Meric Long and Logan Kroeber crank out a collection of raw material, complete with trashcan bashing.

18. Brightblack Morning Light Motion to Rejoin (Matador). This record kind of feels like a soundtrack to a movie about a supercool, Lincoln Continental--driving Southern pastor from the 1970s. Yeah, that's what I said. Deal with it.

19. Chad VanGaalen Soft Airplane (Sub Pop). A super-odd assemblage of homemade odysseys that would do Daniel Johnston proud. Highlight: "TMNT Mask," which is ostensibly about the Leonardo et al.

20. Lil Wayne Tha Carter III (Cash Money/Universal). I love this man's creativity and prolific styles, and while this record wasn't my favorite from him, it's still good enough to crack the 2.0.