Listen now: Marnie Stern's new song "For Ash"


"With this new material, I'm always paranoid that it's wimpy or dull," Upper East Side guitar heroine Marnie Stern said about her forthcoming self-titled album last month, when we sat down with her at Mustang Grill, a local favorite. "The vocals are very prominent in the mix; they have a lot of reverb, and to me it sounds like Bette Midler because I'm not used to it." Judging by her just-released tour de force single, "For Ash," it's difficult to see where Stern's paranoia comes from. As usual, Stern experiments with manically sped-up layers of guitar set against vocal shrieks and chants, but there's a new focus on stop-start dynamics. Download the spiraling epic track here, and read our full interview with Stern here.