Michael Jackson event: "Thriller" flash mob in Times Square

It was hard enough to distinguish on Saturday at the TKTS booth of Times Square whether the people there were tourists, or were part of a silent flash mob in honor of Michael Jackson. But to make things worse, people didn't seem to know, themselves, as they stood looking at each other wondering who would give the cue.

The flash mob was spread through Twitter by Ginger Baker, and it attracted about 100 people, most of whom stared, took pictures or recorded video of a small dozen people and a few "Thriller" zombies dancing to the tune of one of the top hits of all time by the King of Pop, on their headphones.

The rules were simple: Get there by 5 pm, wear a music player with headphones and play Jackson's "Thriller," version 5:57, at the same moment as everybody else. The latter wasn't as simple. When should people push play? Or who should say when to start? It seemed nobody knew.

Eventually, tweens in zombie makeup began to make a move, playing "Thriller" on their iPods and telling the others to just start. The line between tourists and New Yorkers blurred, as onlookers stared and even a bride and groom combo photographing their wedding asked two of the "zombies" to take a picture with them. In less than 20 minutes, the crowd was gone.—Raquel Villarreal