The three-minute Flipcam concert: Richard Hell

Richard Hell walks outside his East Village apartment, his lips curved into the mischievous smile that he has worn, regardless of prevailing fashion orthodoxy, for decades. A founding father of CBGB punk, the onetime Voidoid has been retired from music since the mid-'80s, his energy devoted to an arguably more punkish vocation: writer. Yet now and again, Hell is lured back to music. Now, he cups in his hand his unlikely new CD: Destiny Street Repaired, a retooled version of the Voidoids' 1982 album Destiny Street, released this week on Insound. Hell walks to Tompkins Square Park, looks around, and heads to a playground; there, he reads from the new album's liner notes. A toddler gazes on in awe.

On Sunday, September 13, Hell reads at the New Museum as part of the Howl! Festival. "Be sure to mention that tickets are only $6," he says. "And that goes toward the price of museum admission, too."