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Lady Gaga at Radio City, January 21

Lady Gaga at Radio City, January 21 Photograph: Lizz Kuehl

11:30 Alright guys, I'm signing off. I just saw a tweet that said, "Winning a Grammy is like winning points on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and I gotta agree with that sentiment. I wonder if this is the year the "big album sales surge the week after the Grammys" dies down this year, but I'm curious to see what sales are like for Esperanza Spalding and Arcade Fire. Anyway, I'll be back for a recap in the morning. See ya!

11:25 There you have it. Arcade Fire wins Best Album. What a weird coronation! I'll take it though. They'll sell some records for this, I guess? Do people still buy records?

11:18 Pretty surprised by how bad that was. A strange song choice, first of all, as "Month of May" is definitely one of The Suburbs' weaker cuts. Add a co-branding bonanza with X Games bikers flying around the stage, and you've got one hell of a mess. The Grammys, ladies and gentlemen!

11:11 Definitely losing steam as Lady Antebellum cleans up with another award. Arcade Fire on next. They've become the weird flag band for independent music and indie lables, where people recognize them as an organic success story rather than an externality in a rather bleak moneymaking environment. So, while it's cool that a band from Merge Records is playing in the last half hour of the Grammys, I don't think it necessarily means that something like this will become the norm. Arcade Fire being here doesn't necessarily help the next Arcade Fire.

10:53 Nothing like a slow-building Babs balad to get this party started! Best Rap Album to Eminem. Can't believe the Grammys don't put quote marks around "Rap." Sort of baffling that that's still a relatively new category.

10:41 No Guru in the RIP montage? Hmmm.

10:31 Lisa: "You beat Dexy's Midnight Runners!" Homer: "You haven't heard the last of them."

10:29 Oh shit! The Grammys: refusing every chance to be contemporary.

10:21 Would love Drake to win "Best New Bieber" but we all know where this is going.

10:16 "Johnny Depp" is trending after John Mayer's appearance on stage. LOL, you guys. Is it mandatory that Adam Levine be involved in the Grammys ever year? Seems like they're forcing it now. Does Maroon 5 even have an album coming out?

10:15 Noted for posterity: Seth Rogen makes a Miley Cyrus getting high joke.

10:14 God, Rihanna is just too pretty. I hope she sees this in her Google Alerts e-mail.

10:04 Just realized I forgot to make a Soy Bomb joke during the Dylan performance. Now for "Song of the Year!"

9:56 Shteamer, via text, referring to Cee-Lo performance: "Embrace the lunacy."

9:52 Hadn't seen this until now, but Gwyneth Paltrow and "Fuck You" are old friends at this point. First "Glee" and then that SNL skit from a few weeks ago.

9:49 The Muppets/Cee Lo/Gwyneth rendition of "Fuck You" is not disappointing. Cee-Lo looks like a knight of the Round Table if all the knights were peacocks.

9:44 Strangest Teddy Pendergrass tribute ever. Kudos, Lady Antebellum.

9:40 Two stars from last weekend's Super Bowl to introduce Lady Antebellum: Glee's Lea Michelle ("God Bless America" to open the game) and Packers LB/flaxen-haired god Clay Matthews. Hopefully they'll get to the Daytona 500, too, and go 3/3 on ridiculous spectacles.

9:31 "Maggie's Farm." People are still wearing trucker's hats?

9:25 Feels like Bob Dylan is on a huge hot streak in terms of choosing weird times to appear. Terminal 5, a Victoria's Secret ad, and now with the Avett Brothers.

9:18 Tom Breihan on B.o.B.'s monocle: "A monocle is the opposite of swag." Bahaha.

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9:14 Usher and JB doin' their thang. Felt like the creepiness of the Usher/Bieber staged intro "conversation" was balanced out with the heartwarming sight of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith beaming and singing along with Jaden from their seats.

8:58 Yeah, we like Janelle over here. Awesome bit of Janelle trivia—when TONY music editor Steve Smith requested that interview, she inisted that he meet her at the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA. How perfect is that?

8:49 Kind of a reputed hater of "Fuck You" but I'm pretty excited for the Cee-Lo/Muppets collab. Can it top this though?

8:44 Fellow TONY critic on the text, re: Muse. "This is like Depeche Mode meets Radiohead. Awful." I also "liked" the fake protestors. That was a rather harebrained touch on the weekend of Egypt's revolution. Not sure how many real-life protestors are wearing rat masks and smashing screens with staves.

8:39 Speaking of things I can't get into, here's Muse!

8:29 Gaga was good, not great. I'm having trouble getting into that song ("Born this Way") which seems to be a recurring problem with me and her music. Outside of "Telephone," I can't really think of too many moments in her songs that truly thrill me in the way that a "Only Girl in the World" or something thrills me. Which is too bad, because I'm just one hook away from being sold on Gaga forever.

8:22 Gaga hatching in progress. That's a good way to build on the momentum surge of Train's on-stage apperance.

8:04 Aretha medley to start things off. Christina Aguilera seems to remember the words to this one.

7:53 Beautiful Gaga egg image via HuffPo.

 7:09 Though I don't really love this event, I do think it makes very interesting TV thanks to the performances. Each year is just trying to outdo the last year, so the collaborations and medleys get more and more over-the-top evey year. It's not about the awards anymore—not that that's any sort of revelation—but the Grammy's have truly warped into a weird monster. It's like the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but for three hours.

6:23 Nicki Minaj is in some kind of Bride of Frankenstein meets leopard print getup, which can't really be easily expressed in words so I'm gonna let the images do the talkin'. Will post those soon. Important stylistic touchpoint below.

6:16 Some good Gaga-in-egg photos via Huffington Post. About to talk to Seacrest on E! if you're flippin around. (Updated: Some egg video, via YouTube)

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