A physical-comedy troupe from Madrid finds broad laughs on death row.

  • ELECTRIC COMPANY Fernandez, center, gets shocking news.

ELECTRIC COMPANY Fernandez, center, gets shocking news.

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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5

The naughty clown import 666 is perfect for children. Well, except for the recurring jokes about anal rape. And the carefree attitude toward gun violence. Come to think of it, the final sequence—an actor wading into the audience wearing nothing but devil horns and a bendable two-foot dildo—would probably give most tots nightmares. Best to leave the young’uns at home if you attend this scatological circus of cruelty, which may be the only Spanish bouffon spectacle targeting the pro--death-penalty crowd.

As such, 666’s commercial Off Broadway run might be limited—despite generating a fair share of perverse laughs. Its quartet of Madrid-based physical comedians are accomplished mimes and clowns, enacting ten wordless vignettes set among death-row inmates headed for execution and damnation. To pass the time, our jolly sociopaths splash each other with bidets full of urine, dream of running down the street shooting strangers and learn the unexpected pleasures of electric-chair shocks. Just about every bodily fluid is simulated—and flung about—in this viciously funny live-action cartoon.

Comedy scholars will appreciate the historical influences informing the production (staged by David Ottone), from the ancient-Greek phalli to fine-tuned slapstick and panto gags. The rest of us will sit back and gladly regress at a sick treat that could only be called commedia dell’farte.

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Minetta Lane Theatre. Conceived and written by Yllana. Dir. David Ottone. With Raul Cano, Fidel Fernandez, Joseph Michael O’Curneen, Juan Ramos Toro. 1hr 15mins. No intermission.