Fringe Festival review: Epic Win Burlesque presents The Star Debate---Trek vs. Wars

Epic Win Burlesque Presents the Star Debate: Trek Vs. Wars

Epic Win Burlesque Presents the Star Debate: Trek Vs. Wars

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<strong>Rating: </strong>4/5
The Ellen Stewart Theatre. By Nelson Lugo and Mark Schaffer. Dir. Lugo and Schaffer. With ensemble cast. 1hr 15mins. No intermission.

You know from reading the title whether this nerdy nude fest is your cup of tease—or rather, your mug of blue Romulan ale—as sci-fi geeks-cum-burlesque impresarios Lugo and Schaffer literally debate the merits of each franchise. (Since I wear a Darth Vader ring and occasionally host burlesque shows, I'm part of the target demo.) Sporting Vulcan ears and a red shirt, Lugo boldly lobbies for Star Trek while Schaffer, outfitted like Grand Moff Tarkin from the original Star Wars, coolly makes his case. In between their scripted bits, which include lowbrow jabs ("What are you, a space elf?"), intelligent analyses and impassioned pleas, are the sexy acts.

The hot and hilarious numbers are directly related to the theme. Not knowing which character will drop trou next (there is full frontal) is part of the fun, so I won't reveal who reveals, save for Slave Leia (couldn't do a show like this without her.) Five of the most creative (and in shape—no Jabbas here) ladies working on the scene, Rosie La Rouge, Stormy Leather, Nasty Canasta, Miss Mary Cyn and Fem Appeal, plus boylesquer Hard Cory let their fan flags fly.

Don't worry if you've never been to Comic Con: If you know who Captain Kirk and Darth Vader are, you'll get most of the jokes. Lugo and Schaffer are careful never to get too obscure, and the Farce is with them throughout.