Girls in Trouble

A conversative-spun abortion drama is dead on arrival.

  • FETAL ATTRACTION Pro-lifer Booth, left, counsels a pregnant Holland.

FETAL ATTRACTION Pro-lifer Booth, left, counsels a pregnant Holland.

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<strong>Rating: </strong>2/5

Surely Jonathan Reynolds is having us on. He purports to be politically conservative, but the character who delivers the antiabortion diatribe in his polemical play Girls in Trouble is so ridiculous that one suspects he’s secretly working for NARAL.

As in Stonewall Jackson’s House, his cleverly controversial play about race and theater, Reynolds’s central character is a conservative African-American woman, Cynthia (Eboni Booth). Her mother performed illegal abortions in the ’60s, and Cynthia once considered having one, but now she’s determined to prevent others from choosing that option. What ensues is an acrimonious and eventually bloody contest with the liberal host of an NPR vegan cooking show, Amanda (Laurel Holland), who has just discovered she’s 25 weeks pregnant and doesn’t want to keep the baby.

Reynolds touches on sexual power struggles, but despite Jim Simpson’s crisply directed production and a game young cast, the discord never reflects an individual’s conflict; it just creates more noise.—Diane Snyder

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Flea Theater. By Jonathan Reynolds. Dir. Jim Simpson. With ensemble cast. 2hrs 15mins. One intermission.